If you feel installing and using a generator at your premises is truly a hassle, solar is the answer for you. Our solutions ensure that you will no longer have to pay exorbitant fuel bills and will ensure even better profitability for your business. Save your self the hassle of generators and invest one time in a solar solution for your business.

GreenGen Solutions has worked with multiple commercial ventures on multiple projects. Some of the industries we have provided solutions to include (you will have to make this look alot better than the below table):

Industries Buildings Institutions
Textile Banks Government
Poultry Hospitals NGOs
Cement Educational Institutions Authorities and Boards
Pharmaceuticals Corporate offices
FMCG Commercial Plazas
Oil & Gas Hostels
Food & Beverage Retail Outlets
Paper & Board
Iron & Steel

With the help of our experienced international partners GreenGen Solutions provides turnkey solutions for large scale solar power plants. These plants can range anywhere from 100Kw to 10 Mw.

Our focus on design & installation quality along with excellent customer services ensures we are the partner of choice for large solar PV projects in Pakistan.

Our Services Include:

Analysis and design

Initial feasibility analysis of the proposed project.

Development and pre-project services

Support in location identification.


Detailed project design and technical planning with the help of our international partners.

Monitoring, operation and maintenance

Detailed feasibility analysis

Analysis and design

Project Management and support in order to ensure all milestones are met and delivery times are on track.

Development and pre-project services

Monitoring and control of entire setup during construction.


End to End construction and installation

Monitoring, operation and maintenance

Project startup and commissioning


Development and pre-project services

Reporting and Documentation


Services and Maintenance post commissioning.


We build relationships not power plants.

Once each project is completed and commissioned our interaction does not end there. GreenGen Solutions believes in building relationships, you can expect trusted, timely and effective cooperation in terms of services and support throughout the entire life of your project.

Find Us!

Islamabad Office
70E, AA Plaza, 1st Floor, Blue Area, Islamabad
T: 032 GREENGEN or 0324 733 6436
F: 051 831 3504



Lahore Office
House #1, Street #1, Fatehgarh Bazaar, Canal Road, Lahore
T: 0345 855 4073
F: 051 831 3504


Did You Know?

  • Solar Panels first appeared in the market in 1956.
  • High solar irradiation levels in Pakistan make it an ideal location for this technology.
  • Pakistan’s average power deficit for 2013 was 5,300 Mega Watts.
  • Saudi Arabia is looking to add 21,000 Mega Watts through solar energy by 2025.