Energy Audit

With the growing cost of electricity and increase in load shedding, improving our energy consumption is an important issue across all walks of life. If you are a part of the manufacturing or services industry a sharp immediate decline in energy costs could mean the edge you are looking for against your competition.

Energy efficiency of your business could bring significant business benefits to your organization. That is why, with the help of our global partner Eco Energy Rating, GreenGen Solutions has developed state of the art energy audit services to help you reduce costs where you did not know any potential savings were available. Our solutions will make your business more sustainable, more competitive and more profitable.

Our energy audit services include:

  • Comprehensive design document of the energy consumption at your premises
  • Detailed assessment of cost saving areas in order to improve your business’s energy efficiency
  • Comprehensive solutions to reduce your cost of energy
  • Quantitative asessement which will help you make the right decision

Our energy audit services further provide a range of other benefits. With the growing emphasis on green organizations and an increased importance carbon emissions, your business can acquire a sustainable reputation with your clients, this can be the difference between you and other local companies. As the law or policy for energy efficiency will be enacted sooner or later; earlier preparation can enhance your competitiveness.

A diverse range of industries have already experienced improved energy and production efficiency following our energy audit services.

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Did You Know?

  • Solar Panels first appeared in the market in 1956.
  • High solar irradiation levels in Pakistan make it an ideal location for this technology.
  • Pakistan’s average power deficit for 2013 was 5,300 Mega Watts.
  • Saudi Arabia is looking to add 21,000 Mega Watts through solar energy by 2025.