If you want to do away with the stress that is surrounding your lives, if you want to get rid of load shedding and get free electricity during the day go with solar for your home. GreenGen Solutions has extensive experience in providing solar solutions for residential projects and our expert installers will ensure work of the highest standards.

A solution designed for your home:

Our solutions are designed specifically for your home looking at your specific requirements. We guarantee a reduction in electricity bills as well as zero impact of load shedding in your home!

Healthy Payback Periods:

If you are thinking of going for a UPS or generator DONT! our experience shows that although you might pay less now you will be paying lots more in the years to come for these option.

The capital costs entailed in setting up a solar PV solution are easily offset with next to no maintenance cost and the reliability and comfort of having power at your premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other alternatives such as UPS and Diesel Generator sets prove to be much costlier in the long run based on growing prices of electricity and Diesel. UPS are only approximately 30% efficient which means to provide one unit in the home, the UPS will consume 3 units of electricity. Similarly the high running and maintenance costs of diesel/petrol generators along with the growing prices of fuel make this a very expensive proposition.

No Maintenance Costs:

Our solar solutions have almost no mechanical parts. This means almost no maintenance costs. Just install and enjoy the benefits for the next 25 years!

Our Turnkey Services For Your Solar Solutions:

Analysis and design

Energy Audit, Feasibility & Cost benefit Analysis

Our turnkey solutions start with a full energy audit of your premises. We will recommend solutions to reduce your energy footprint which in turn makes your premises more energy efficient. Next we give you a comprehensive analysis of total investment for your solar solutions and the savings you will get in turn.

Development and pre-project services

Solar solution Design Which Ensures Maximum Savings

Our Designs are custom made for the specific needs of your premises. We provide PV solutions and mounting systems that will ensure the most efficient system and provide you the maximum savings possible.


Product Installation and Commissioning

Our MCS (UK Certification) trained technicians handle the entire installation process. From logistics to construction to testing we make sure everything is operating at its maximum potential, with minimal chance of issues cropping up in the future.

Monitoring, operation and maintenance

Post Installation Customer Services

Our relationship does not end once the installation is done. We have the best post installation customer services in the nation with 24/7 on call technicians that are there for you if you have any questions or issues. We also provide 1 year free services with regular spot checks to make sure your system is running smoothly.

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Did You Know?

  • Solar Panels first appeared in the market in 1956.
  • High solar irradiation levels in Pakistan make it an ideal location for this technology.
  • Pakistan’s average power deficit for 2013 was 5,300 Mega Watts.
  • Saudi Arabia is looking to add 21,000 Mega Watts through solar energy by 2025.